About us

Get to know our company

J810 CONSTRUCTION CORP. is a Cebu-based construction company engaged in various:


  • Civil,
  • Structural and Architectural Works for Residential,
  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings,
  • Land Development Works,
  • Installation and Construction of Industrial plant,
  • Structural Steel Fabrication and
  • Erection of buildings and Communication Towers.


This is backed-up by experienced Management Staff who have undertaken this type of projects both here and abroad.

Our History

The company had much to thank to all its clients, supporters and families involved to excel and lift a flight towards its dream. And, earlier in the year 2014, the company, finally took its “lift-off” and now is making its way towards higher excellence and competence in the service it provides, bringing its wildest dream of becoming “partner” of the top Engineering Corporations in the country. It evolved, innovated, upgraded, and systemized the channels and named J810 CONSTRUCTION CORP.

Engr. Proceso D. Cutanda Jr.
Engr. Proceso D. Cutanda Jr., GM of J810 Contruction Corp.

J810 CONSTRUCTION CORP. has the commitment in achieving the Quality, Competency, Excellency, Productivity and Safety aspects in every service rendered to meet clients’ requirement, expectation and satisfaction. Alongside of its “lift-off”, the company launched its website to ride on the trend of technology and innovations. It connects access directly to social media like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The company desires more to fulfil every need of its partners and clients anywhere they are. It expands, not just within its reach but it also made “interisland connections and overseas partnerships.”

What the company had just right now is a fact that the only one thing you can do to reach your dreams is by “not giving up.” It stands in a foundation,


which is the only way to connect people and clients in the field it serves.

As the company continues to give its quality services to its partners and clients, it also extends help and compassion to the people nearby; most especially, to children that needs attention and love led by its very own author.